video module 2

Mash Ups

due February 28

  • an examination of the importance of editing and sound as the compositional structure
  • learning to co-opt and take complete control of found footage to transform it into new and unique context and meaning

Edit short segments from each film into a cohesive piece with a unifying theme that is dictated by the audio track you select from the set provided. Each film must be from a different director.¬† You are encouraged to find films that appeal to you through their content, visual imagery and methods of direction; editing, choice of camera angles, etc…

Audio files are found on the Desktop in the Save files in me folder > GPond folder > 104Project3Sound folder

If Handbrake is not installed on the computer download it and drop the application into the Applications folder on the computer

Copy the audio track from the folder on the computer to your Module 2 folder on your hard drive before you inset it into your video. You may use more than one audio track and you may edit them but you must choose from the selections provided.

You can capture from VHS tapes with the VTR attached to the computer closest to the instructor desk in Carnegie 311. Follow the instructions listed under To Capture from VHS or Analog Device Input on the Video Instruction page.

You can also capture from a DVD using Handbrake.  Review the instructions for use in the online manual. Save the files in the MP4 format container.

Place all files in your Video Module 2 folder on your hard drive before you import them into your project.

Avoid using long clips from individual videos and avoid using internal cuts from the original films. These guidelines will help you to change the content and context of the footage you appropriate and fulfill the tenets of Mamet’s text.

You must include a list of credits to the original directors providing names, titles, and years of release at the conclusion. The credits must be in addition to a piece which has a minimum running time of 2:00;00 and a maximum of 5:00;00.

The links below are examples of previous projects by students. You will need the password art104 to view them.

D. Callis, J. Wyrick , S.Sanderson from Pond Classes on Vimeo.

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